Men’s Weekend Retreat: A Journey of Courageous Awakening

Men’s Weekend Retreat: A Journey of Courageous Awakening


47 spots available

***This retreat is for Members and Alumni only***

“When a man welcomes his responsiveness, or what we sometimes call his internal woman, he often feels warmer, more companionable, more alive. But when he approaches what I’ll call the “deep male,” he feels risk. Welcoming the Wild Man is scary and risky, and it requires a different sort of courage – a willingness to descend into the male psyche and accept what’s dark down there, including the nourishing dark.” – Robert Bly (Iron John)

This weekend retreat is dedicated to being bold and courageous in life. It is about taking a risk and awakening to your authenticity and aliveness, in and through the body.

Held at Camp Thunderbird, surrounded by 485 hectares of pristine forest, nestled in the Sooke foothills at the shores of Glinz Lake, this inaugural event offers a sacred space for you to breakthrough your limitations, realize your potential and be of greater impact to others.

You will have the opportunity to embark on the journey into what we call “the deep masculine” and learn to welcome the darker aspects of yourself.

With the support of other powerful men, you’ll leave with a newfound bravery and resilience to show up more fully  in the world.

Leading this retreat is Leo Cheung, Island Division Commander and Captain of Orca Squad. A senior member of the Arka Brotherhood since 2015, he draws from over 15 years of experience leading leadership trainings and residential retreats as a men’s group facilitator, yoga teacher and trainer, life coach and EFT practitioner.

He will be supported by Rich D’Appolonia, lieutenant of Orca Squad and certified Breathwork Facilitator.

***This retreat is for Members and Alumni only***

Dates: September 27-29th 2024 – 2 nights
Location: Camp Thunderbird, Sooke, 5040 Glinz Lake road, Sooke (45-minute drive West of Victoria).
Detailed directions will be sent out via email prior to the event.
Arrival: Friday September 27th at 3pm
Departure: Sunday September 29th at 1pm
Fee: $499 (for members & alumni), $399 (for captains)

Captain Discount Code: ARKACAPTAIN

What’s Covered: Ticket includes lodging, meals, and retreat tuition. Participants must bring their own bedding (pillow, sheets & blanket)

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