About ARKA



  1. The sun, ray of light
  2. Archetype Integration
  3. The King

What We Are

The ARKA Brotherhood is a transformative community for growth-oriented men. We inspire men to grow, improve their relationships, and take accountability for their lives.

What We Do

We build better men through leadership training. We provide a structured space for men to transform themselves into self-aware, self-disciplined, empowered and trustworthy leaders. Each leader is mentored by fellow squad captains, senior leadership and our founder.

Our members meet weekly in small circles, in-person or online, that we call ‘Squads’. Each squad is led by an experienced leader that we refer to as ‘Captain’. The focus in our meetings is on speaking the truth, listening deeply, and mutual support. Our men join us to overcome self-sabotage, be challenged, be celebrated, set goals and be accountable for them.

Our History

In 2015, Phil T. Mistlberger initiated this community, formerly known as the Samurai Brotherhood, with a small circle of six men. Since then, it has grown organically to 450+ men with over 45 squads in North America.

In 2022, we selected a new name, The ARKA Brotherhood. “ARKA” represents growth, solar energy and unification of the four masculine archetypes; King, Warrior, Magician, Lover.


Phil T. Mistlberger


Phil T. Mistlberger is the founder and senior guide of the ARKA Brotherhood. He has been a transformational facilitator and mentor since the late 1980s teaching workshops and trainings throughout North America, Europe and the Middle-East. He has over 30 years of teaching experience and 7 published books including The Way of the Conscious Warrior and is the author of the 14 Point Code of the ARKA Brotherhood.


Arka Brotherhood

Ben Goresky


Ben Goresky is a coach, counsellor, and group facilitator with a decade of experience leading groups in the realms of addiction recovery, relationships, and men’s work. Ben hosts the Evolving Man Podcast and offers relationship coaching through his brand, Evolving Man. He is passionate about creating a movement that makes men’s work as common as yoga. Ben pioneered our online groups – we call them Ronin – which have grown to 15+ squads.

Matt Cooke


Matt Cooke is an educator, leader, and group facilitator, having spent the last 5 years in this community has made him value men’s work and the impact it can have on people’s lives. He helps individuals and organizations actualize their unclaimed potential and is passionate about empowering and inspiring people into action to make positive changes in their lives. He is also a high school food studies teacher where he uses food as his medium to inspire the minds of tomorrow. He holds bachelor’s degrees in science and education from the University of British Columbia, a culinary arts diploma from the Northwest Culinary Academy of Vancouver, and is currently completing a masters in organizational leadership at Queens University.

Matt is captain of Eagle Squad in Vancouver and he creates & manages the hidden systems and structures that support our organization.


Justin Bedard


Justin is a student working towards his CPA and spends his daytime hours doing AP and payroll work for a management firm in Vancouver. He is the man in charge of placing new members in squads and a lieutenant in the brotherhood for Jaguar squad, which he joined back in 2021. He has a passion for ‘the work’ and all the messiness that comes with it.


Nick Sol


Nick Solaczek is a Certified IMAGO Relationship Coach based in Vancouver, BC. His work focuses on romantic relationships with an emphasis on safe conversations, conscious relationship principles, mindfulness and authenticity. Over the last 7 years, Nick has helped grow the brotherhood by mentoring leaders, facilitating workshops and taking on an executive role for the organization. You can learn more about his work by visiting his website at

Jason Chau

Bird Division Commander

Jason Chau is a creative coach, writer, and film producer in Vancouver, BC. He is one of the original six members of the rebooted community, and now serves as a division commander, captain of Crow Squad and Ronin 11. His main focus is helping people empower themselves through storytelling – promoting passion and compassion. As a producer and story coach, Jason brings professional education and experience from creative production, Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, and IFC certified coach training.

Leo Cheung

Island Division Commander

Leo Cheung is a Certified EFT Practitioner and Relationship Coach. He specializes in helping clients recover from breakups by empowering them with somatic-based tools. In the past 7 years of leadership, Leo has supported many men through the Brotherhood by creating weekend retreats, leadership trainings and in-person squads. You can connect with Leo and his work through his social media @breakuprecoveryleo

Sante Kotturi

Odin Division Commander

Sante Kotturi is a coach, engineer, entrepreneur and photographer focusing on building technology to support deeper human relationships. Sante works closely with men, women and couples to build stronger, safer, and more authentic relationships. He brings a background in neuroscience and elite human performance research to men’s work. When not on zoom, he can be found out in the woods adventuring with dog living out of his VW van. The easiest way to reach him is @santekotturi

Lee Hettig

Apollo Division Commander

Lee is a native Kiwi who left NZ in 2004, lived in Europe for 5 years before settling in Vancouver in 2009. He has been Coaching Men’s groups since early 2018. He has 15+ years experience as a self employed Clinical Sports Therapist & Personal Trainer, with a focus on Lifestyle Coaching.  He also operates a short term rental business that is used for retreats and gatherings ( Lee’s passion lies in building and/or supporting community.