Diversity Statement

We welcome any male adult, regardless of colour, culture, age, class, ethnicity, marital status, faith, military status, and nationality. We welcome gay, straight, bisexual and trans men, and non-binary men who present as male.

We welcome men with various abilities, as long as those men can participate adequately in our weekly meetings.

Men with mental health issues may participate. However, if a mental health issue would interfere with potentially emotionally distressing processes involved in this type of work, you should speak to a mental health professional and advise your group leader.

The bottom line is that we are a welcoming organization. Our organization does not tolerate discrimination. We seek to help make the world a better place by creating a safe and inclusive space for individual men to express themselves and feel supported in their life pursuits. If you have questions, concerns or comments about this policy, please contact your captain, division commander, or our leadership team (

The Sacred Band is a squad for gay, bisexual and bicurious men meeting once a month for men who also belong to another weekly squad.

  The Sacred Band of Thebes of around 378 BCE, an elite unit of the Theban army, consisted of 150 gay lovers fighting side by side. The fierce fighting unit was celebrated throughout Greece for its military success and courage.

The Sacred Band, is a private group within the Arka Brotherhood membership, and is for gay, bi or bi-curious, two spirited, or trans men. Without using labels, it is for anyone who identifies as a man and is attracted to men; or is uncertain about his sexual orientation.

We do not disclose to anyone, without permission, that members inquired about or joined this band.

All members of this band must be members of one of the other ARKA Brotherhood squads that meet weekly.

A note from the founder, Rich Dalton:

The ARKA Brotherhood is made up of conscious men, so, unsurprisingly, I have experienced only acceptance from my brothers and the entire leadership. As a gay man, I was accepted as one of the first co-captains of a squad, Red Dragon. My squad embraces me regardless of my sexual orientation. (Thanks, brothers!). The Brotherhood leadership also has embraced this new group.

In all likelihood, each weekly squad has some gay or bi members; squads benefit from such diversity. I encourage gay and bi men to be out and discuss issues related to their relationships, sex and sexual orientation in their weekly squad meetings. However, I also recognize that many gay, bi and bi-curious men are not out; the stigma remains strong. And whether or not someone is out, the Sacred Band provides a forum to discuss issues that other gay, bisexual and bi-curious or trans men can better address. 

-Rich Dalton

To get more information or to join, please click here.